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The Rise in Telemedicine Benefits

Posted by Cedric Jackson on 6/16/17 12:52 PM

Healthcare and technology are two major industries that have high yearly revenues and are essential to our daily lives. Now, the two industries are converging. The evolution of the internet and advances in high-speed connections, smartphone technology, and intelligent applications have laid the foundation to expand medical care to the cloud. Patients and employers are lining up to take advantage of emerging telemedicine health plans. Over 15 million Americans have already taken advantage of remote medical care in some form.

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Employee Benefit Packages For Different Generations

Posted by Courtney Elder on 3/1/17 10:32 AM


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Composite Rates: What's the Big Deal?

Posted by Courtney Elder on 10/26/16 11:22 AM


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Group Benefits Designed For Engineering Firms

Posted by Courtney Elder on 8/16/16 5:16 PM

Making The Right Choice      

             Offering well-rounded group benefit plans for your employees shouldn’t be time consuming or difficult. But often times, with so many health care choices out there, it can be overwhelming knowing which ones provide the best options for everyone involved. What if there was one group benefits package that stood out head and shoulders above the rest? Rest assured, there is, and engineering firms such as yours can receive the greatest benefit from it.
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